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bully's are the worst

Hi Dragonwings here everyone knows bully’s are horrible. There are bully’s that will take your lunch or trip you over, there are ones that are pretending to be your friend and say things behind your back, ones that make you embarrassed, ones that go up to your face and shout and more. You get bully’s in all shapes and sizesΒ  and that also means the teacher. Yes teachers can be bully’s my brother and all his friends got had a hard time with a teacher. I’m not going to say here name because her name doesn’t need to be in this post,let’s call her miss Harding. She was the worst ,she would tell Tom’s (my twin brother) friend sen off because of him having long hair. Eve’s got shouted at wen he wanted to go and dance in the school play like the other students, but he missed most of the practices because his parents had spit up, and miss Harding yelled at him and wen he started to cry she called him a cry baby. And more things happened to Tom’s friends. I had no problem s with the teachers even though miss Harding called me stupid when I needed help in maths. But the problem was every one in the school hated me. I would come home with bruises on my arm and legs some times I would have a blood nose. So we went to a new school it was a nice school the principal was lovely miss Scott pegam but there was a girl my next door neighbor but you can here about here in a post I made why me.


inky State Library Victoria

You show great resilience to cope with everything. Well done!

19th Sep, 19

Sounds like a tough time :(. I'm glad to know you found a better school. Everyone deserves a supportive learning environment. That teacher is shocking.

20th Sep, 19