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any good cupcake recipes for beginners

Hi dragonwings here I am bored again. So I want to try making some cupcakes (or any thing sweet really). So do you guys know any good recipes that are really easy to make. Or milk shakes what ever,just some thing sweet of some thing for a hot day. I LOVE to cook but I don’t do it often, because we have a very small kitchen. And it is very hard trying to find things that you need. So sorry for making this so short. Bye



I donโ€™t have any recipes but there is this website called Taste which has thousands of recipes if you want to check it out: https://www.taste.com.au/

22nd Sep, 19

thank you

23rd Sep, 19

In reply to dragonwings

Youโ€™re welcome :)

23rd Sep, 19