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hi guys today I was just bored out of my mind I read all of the books in my book shelf I done all my school work and worked on my piano skills and played with my dogs now I have nothing to do. Please help me what do you...

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What is your favorite animal

hi dragonwings here. I was just wondering what is your favorite animal? My favorite animal is a wolf, there so beautiful and majestic, also there really cool. I also love birds my favorite birds are the rainbow lorakete, the wedged tail egale. Anyway I was just wondering. Bye sorry it...

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cats or dogs

cats or dogs which is your Favorite. I love dogs my favorite but I still love cats. Dogs are so playful I have two dogs Gus and banjo.Gus is a Labrador cross collie. He is the sweetest thing he is so adorable. He mostly sleeps in the sun, but he...