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Presented by State Library Victoria

the periodic table song

Thereยดs hydrogen and helium then lithium, Beryllium boron carbon everywhere Nitrogen all through the air with Oxygen so you can breathe And Fluorine for you pretty teeth, neon to light up the signs sodium for salty times Magnesium,Aluminum,Silicon,phosphorus then sulfur, chlorine and Argon Potassium and calcium so you grow strong Scandium,titanium , vanadium and chromium and manganese (that...

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any good cupcake recipes for beginners

Hi dragonwings here I am bored again. So I want to try making some cupcakes (or any thing sweet really). So do you guys know any good recipes that are really easy to make. Or milk shakes what ever,just some thing sweet of some thing for a hot day. I...

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bully’s are the worst

Hi Dragonwings here everyone knows bully's are horrible. There are bully's that will take your lunch or trip you over, there are ones that are pretending to be your friend and say things behind your back, ones that make you embarrassed, ones that go up to your face and shout...

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hi guys today I was just bored out of my mind I read all of the books in my book shelf I done all my school work and worked on my piano skills and played with my dogs now I have nothing to do. Please help me what do you...

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